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    Western Sydney Medicare Local (WSML also known as Wentwest) have formed a partnership with Ocean informatics to enhance the Multiprac CP (Care Planning) solution to assist Medicare Locals in Australia to address Chronic Disease. The ML version will be called LinkedEHR.

    This will include WSML offering Business Services to MLs implementing the software so offering a complete business solution.

    See below for more details

    WSML Ocean Informatics 2013- Case Study V4

    “The WSML LinkedEHR shared care planning project has been an example of successfully creating clinical solutions in an Agile environment with clinical input” Ian Corless WSML


  • Multiprac

    Multiprac is the clinical solution division of Ocean Informatics. Multiprac evolved from the many projects and clinical engagements that Ocean Informatics completed. The clinical experience and knowledge from Ocean Informatics was key in designing clinical focused and accepted health solutions . The Multiprac solutions can be grouped into 4 main categories, Select a hexagon for more details.

  • Northern Territory uses Multiprac clinical solutions

    Northern Territory Health utilises a number of the Multiprac products to help manage health care in Aboriginal communities. Read more about this here.

  • Clinical Background

    Multiprac evolved from and is supported by Ocean Informatics. The clinical experience and knowledge from Ocean Informatics is utilised in delivering Multiprac solutions and is available to customers. Ocean Informatics

  • Industry Alliances

    Multiprac, through Ocean Informatics, follows industry standards and are active in the health industry and ICT sector in implementing health standards. Ocean Informatics works closely with NeHTA in implementing national Detailed Clinical Models (DCMs) to assist in standardising health data.

Our Product Suite

Multiprac IC </br> Multiprac SH

Multiprac IC
Multiprac SH

Multiprac IC is an Infection Control solution that encompasses all areas of an infection management program including structured surveillance for surgical site infections, blood stream infections, significant organisms, contact tracing and outbreaks. Click here for a brochure Multiprac SH is a Staff Health solution providing a Staff Health Record for the organisation’s Staff which encompasses Employee […]

Multiprac ShEHR </br> Multiprac CP

Multiprac ShEHR
Multiprac CP

Multiprac ShEHR is a Shared Electronic Health Record solution for a community or cohort of patients. Multiprac CP is a Care planning solution that offers the ability for a care planning team to collaborate in the care of a patient. The planned care activities are stored centrally and the team can review progress and next […]

Multiprac IMP

Multiprac IMP

Multiprac IMP is an Innovation and Mobile Platform to enable organisations to have multiple software application sharing “Consistent Clinical Data”. This unleashes innovation and mobile application development while securing the patients data in a shared standards based Clinical Data Repository (CDR).  

Multiprac DS&ACP

Multiprac DS&ACP

Multiprac DS&ACP is a Decision Support & Advanced Care planning solution that interfaces with the InferMed Arezzo solution to give the clinician the ability to use Decision Support around a symptom and to then generate a single Care Plan, even if the patient has co-morbidity.  The planned care activities are then stored centrally and the […]